Sunday, October 4, 2009

Arya has a ShareMyCake Birthday

We're absolutely thrilled!

We just completed the 1st ever ShareMyCake birthday.

Our younger son, Arya, celebrated his 9th birthday on October 3rd. He believes he's all grown up now, and in stark contrast to his earlier 'Pizza Corner' celebrations, he wanted a party at home - with just a few friends. A few days before his birthday, Tina & I caught ourselves wishing she'd started ShareMyCake earlier - so we could have done a "ShareMyCake birthday" for Arya.

We quickly realized that we could still have a ShareMyCake celebration - only, we'd need to do things manually. We'd need to manually send invites, manually monitor RSVPs, manually collect monies, and manually pay a chosen NGO. could be done, and it would be a 'ShareMyCake Birthday' - in spirit!

So, we shot a mail to Arya's friends parents with details on the party. Towards the end of the mail, we said:

"A request…

Arya has more toys & books than he can play with & read. So, please don’t feel it necessary to send any gift with your child. However, if you absolutely insist on sending something, we’d prefer if you send a nominal amount by cheque or cash. Arya will be having the 1st ever ‘ShareMyCake Birthday’ whereby a portion of the money he receives will go towards helping a social organization of his choice. Arya will use the remaining amount to buy a gift of his choice. By the way, Arya has chosen to support Suyam. More on them and their Montessori school for under-privileged children at"

The net result:
  • We had a great party at home - with a fun treasure hunt and other games.

  • Arya's friends' parents loved the idea. As one of them said, "...Thank you very much for the invite. Also the request you had made towards gifts and the way you had planned to do it is really a great idea..."

  • None of the parents ran around buying 'plastic & cardboard' for gifts

  • My parents, my sister (and her husband), Tina's sisters and other members of our family who don't stay in Chennai could gift Arya too (speaking of which, my Dad was pretty generous with his gift to Arya; I don't recall such monetary generosity when I was growing up)

  • Arya will be sending over Rs.2,000 to Suyam for their Siragu Montessori school (they don't know this yet). Arya knows this will mean a lot to them, and is grinning like he just saved the world from aliens.

  • He will also be buying (for himself) a Harry Potter Wii game he's always wanted - and he will have cash to spare!

  • ShareMyCake had its own "Google moment". More on that in a separate post.


  1. What a wonderful business plan! When you launch, would you be able to work with US $ cheques too?

    Good luck.

  2. Delighted you love the idea.

    On your question, yes we will accept major currencies.

    Thanks for your wish.

  3. Tina - you spoke from the heart in the FAQ section. Wish your noble effort takes off well.

    And yes, my 2 kids will be celebrating their birthdays with ShareMyCake


  4. Thanks Vamsi

    Like one of my friends said - i'm usefully busy. I hope this small effort will go a long way.


  5. This website is a great effort. Wish you all the best for the success of ShareMyCake!

  6. Tina
    Sounds like ur idea is taking off. Will spread the word around all birthdays coming up.


  7. Inspirational concept! All the best.

  8. Tina
    Will spread the word around all birthdays coming up.