Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's interesting how in this age of mobile phone address books, bluetooth, sms-able vcards, facebook, Linked In & Twitter, we still need that 4" x 2.5" piece of cardboard - the visiting card.

Tina recently attend a 'NGO fair' - part of the Joy of Giving week, and being card-less somehow seemed to reduce the legitimacy of interacting with people. After all, 205 seconds into the conversation, you're typically asked "can I have your card?"

So, the day before the event, a quick visit to "Adyar Student Xerox color printing and lamination done here" solved the problem.

Here's the "Maggi 2 minute design". We don't have an identity crisis anymore.

How do we move away from 'cards' altogether? Green Ideas, anyone?

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