Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Fans are Fan-tastic

We have a Facebook page and we'd love it if you became a fan.


Is this an 'ego thing' whereby having more fans allows us some bragging rights?

Hand to heart?

To some extent, yes, I guess.

But that's the 3rd reason and it's a far & distant 3rd.

The 1st & main reason is "validation".

ShareMyCake is a new concept. It's a new way of celebrating, and a new way of giving. As with anything new, it needs to 'catch on'. When you click on that "Become a Fan" button, you're helping validate the model.

We're certainly not implying that every 'fan' will use ShareMyCake and we wholly realize that the "many a slip between" rule applies quite well here.


If you're willing to tattoo your facebook identity with your "I'm a fan of ShareMyCake" link, it means we've struck a chord - maybe just a minor chord (like Em) for now, but a chord it is.

And that's really what we're doing right now with ShareMyCake - seeing if the concept resonates with you.

Lots of parents emailed us to share their thoughts - most love the concept, some think they would love the concept more with a few tweaks, and a few are still warming up to the idea of 'articulated gift receiving'. The unifying thread, nevertheless, was that all of them were 'positive' emails - and each piece of feedback helps us tremendously.

But then...we had a biased sample!

The people we've reached out to (so far) are friends, and a few friends of friends. True validation will happen when we reach out to our 3rd (& beyond) degree contacts - and that's where we're hoping you can help.

This is the 2nd reason we hope you'll become a fan: help us with spreading the word.

We need all the help we can get.

So, please...

Become a 'fan' of our FaceBook page, and let your friends know that you've become a fan.

If Twitter's your type, do follow our tweets & retweet any that you like.

And if email is your 'poison', there's an email template to help you get started.

Whatever your communication arsenal, please ShareTheWord.

And, Thanks!

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