Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Once in a blue moon, you come across someone...

At this point in ShareMyCake's life, besides building the site & service, we're focusing on:
(a) sharing the concept with as many people as possible towards...

(b) getting as much feedback as possible

We're soliciting feedback from friends who are parents, marketers or in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Yesterday, we come across someone who comfortably wears all of the above hats - and made the effort to give some really good inputs.

Our friend & well wisher, Aarti Madhuudan (a key force behind Give India and a hundred other initiatives) introduced us to Mr.M.Mahadevan. In this city that so loves its sobriquets, he's better known as Hot Breads Mahadevan.

The title couldn't be more apt. Meeting him was certainly a nourishing experience.

He had good feedback - as a parent whose kids attend and celebrate birthdays, as a marketer (besides marketing a gamut of restaurants, he's also taught marketing), and as someone actively involved in various CSR initiatives.

The best part was his down to earth persona. For someone who had achieved so much, his friendly approachable personality was a lesson in humility.

The best part...He said he loved the concept, and encouraged Tina to take it to fruition!

He had some practical advice - including how ShareMyCake should scale up its operations, and how we should refine our pitch to sponsors. He also offered to help in multiple ways - including allowing us (after launch) to leverage his restaurants geographical spread to distribute ShareMyCake collateral & messaging.

So, if you find yourself checking out a ShareMyCake poster at your nearest French Loaf outlet, you know how it all began.

PS: From 'food for thought' to 'thought for food'...
Mr.Mahadevan's (many) restaurants are detailed at his company's website. We've dined at six of them, so far!

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