Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shaan shares his cake

Our elder son, Shaan, turned twelve on November 29. Luckily for him, it was a Sunday - so he could have some of his friends spend the afternoon & evening with him, at home.

The boys (can't call them kids anymore) had tons of fun! Amazingly, none of it was 'electronic'. Some healthy competition over table tennis punctuated by a game of football (soccer if you're on that side of the Pacific) got the ball rolling. We also had the kids' parents over, and a party on the side - of our own. All in all, a perfect day!

The icing on the cake...

Shaan had a ShareMyCake birthday too - with all benefits in tow:
  1. He's got a neat sum of money for himself - enough for him to get some cool tennis stuff, which is what we expect he'll get considering he lives & breathes the game.
  2. Suyam has another cheque coming their way (we did something similar for Arya's birthday in October)
  3. Shaan & his friends are more aware about less privileged sections of society, and the importance of sharing.
  4. Shaan's friends' parents were spared trips to Odyssey, Landmark, etc
And...some of his friends also want to have a ShareMyCake birthday (at the time of writing, Vinay has had his). We expect this 'viral' effect to play a huge role in popularizing ShareMyCake celebrations.

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